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A cross country race is scored by each team adding the place of their top 5 runners.  A runner simply scores points by his/her final race place. For example, the first runner scores one point, the eighth runner scores eight points. The low score wins.  A race with a score of 26 Ė 29 would look like this:

Orange                 Opponent

1st                               2nd

4th                               3rd

5th                               7th

6th                               8th

10th                             9th

26 points                      29 points

Lowest score wins!


List for Meet Manager

Starting gun and whistle

Finish chute with flags on a rope (chute entrance 8', exit 32"

Map of entire course for all runners.

Small traffic cones to mark entire course.

Safety pins

Blank number tags for runners


Stopwatch with printer

Score sheets (place, name, time, score, and a copy for opponent coach) (one place to buy stuff)

Line marker ( two wheel thing) to mark start and finish line

Bag of line marker ( should be Park friendly)

Canopy (if no shade for teams waiting for their race)

Also need: timer, and a person at the end of chute

to take numbers and keep them in order, person to set up finish chute, mark course, starting line, and finish line.



  More Information

1. The league finals have started at 2 P.M. for the last several years. (5 races)


2. Orange has entered the Orange County Championships Invitational at Irvine Park for many years. It use to be Saturday. Now its Friday and Saturday. A really big event. Orange enters on Friday. Check my website for a link to past year records, race information, and map.

3. Most all runners use racing shoes (light) for the meets. Runners who race in trainer shoes (heavy) run at a disadvantage. Also, before the race runners should have their shoes loosely tied. Then, just before the race tie their shoes tightly. (avoid blisters)  Remember to double knot the shoe laces.


Cross Country Rules

The coach must learn and follow the cross country written rules. If you lose a meet the other coach won't complain. If you finally win a meet the other coach will have your team disqualified. (This happened to the Orange football team.)


  Villa Park Fun Runs

I donít believe they keep times or scores of the race. They have a large timing machine display at the finish if you donít time yourself. The only times put online that I know of are put there by teams of various schools on their own web sites.

Villa Park High has put this training race on for around 38 years. I never saw them advertise. Somehow the coaches and individuals know when to show up. They do charge. I believe they have a team rate. Itís a public place, so I donít think you have to pay. Some local runners stand at the back of the starting group and donít pay.

They used to have two races (one for guys and one for girls). Lately they have one race (boys, girls, kids, old people, and college). Itís just basically a training run which is more fun than working out with just your team or alone. It starts at 6:30 PM. Teams show up before the race and exercise and run on parts of the course to warm up. The weather is always hot.

Those that sign up can pay the run entry fee at the small bleachers by the track. The start is on the track. I have the map on my web site.

  Since this training race is on public property you don't have to pay. As a  courtesy,  delay your start behind the starting line and don't cross the finish line where the timer is. If you are a new runner just put in the mileage and enjoy running with others around you. Take it easy if it's a hot summer day.

 XC information p1

1.  Recruit...Recruit...Recruit at Orange High School. You must sign up talented runners.

2.  Go to Yorba and Portola to recruit the 9th graders.

3.  Hire a winning assistant coach who can run with the team practice at a competitive speed.

4.  Start team practice now and run at the Villa Park Fun Runs. (usually Thursday at 6:30 PM)

5.  Run over distance (5-6 miles) easy pace. Run up hills easy pace. Don't run down hills.

6.  Check out others schools' web sites to see how they practice.  Click for more information.

7.  Try to change Orange's home course from Yorba Linda to the city of Orange or nearby.


  3 Mile Fun Run Map      One lap track, two laps streets, last lap on track.

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