Past OHS Cross Country Teams  
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                    Bob Delaney  (1962)             Coach Ellery Slick                 Bill Delaney  (1963)


Coach Ellery Slick                                                                   Coach Robert Slick

1964-1965 Cross Country Team (50th Reunion this year)

1st row, left to right: F. Feener, J. Fairfax, B. Cox, C. Crosby, D. Fackler, D. Wright, J  Monroe.
2nd row: G. Feener,J. Cruickshank, C. Black, G. Page, E. Olson, R. Palmer. 
3rd row: R. Pavel, C. Perkins, B. Bishop, J. Brake, B. Dankmyer, M. Hood, A. Brahms.

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